April 5th, 2009 in Opinion Rants

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THE STATE GOP introduces a bill allowing AT&T to charge Tennesseans whatever they want. Well, you voted for them.

STATE LEGISLATORS ponder whether to allow adults to buy wine in the grocery store while they encourage gun toters to carry firearms into bars.

GOOD FOR EPB finally protecting us some from mountaintop removal mining. Why hasn't our own state legislature?

SINCE OBAMA has declared that our military can't mention the "War on Terror," does that mean that Bush won and Obama surrendered?

OBAMA NOTE to Treasury: "Get more printing presses."

OLD BUSH haters never shush; they just keep on blaming Bush; for things past, present or not yet occurred; Such vehement hatred becomes quite absurd.

THE GRAND Olde Party: Old ideas. Old values. Old beliefs. Old ways ... and, just plain old period!

LET'S HOPE Congress gives Rep. Barney Frank a "bailout loan" for a set of false teeth. Perhaps we could then decipher what he is saying.

HOW MUCH are police being paid when a three-year veteran can drive around (allegedly drunk) in a Mercedes?

THE CHIEF reason for vouchers: It would be a fair way to distribute money assigned to educate our children.

NOTE TO Red Bank merchants: I no longer shop in your burg because of the traffic cameras. Sorry!

SINCE WHEN does the joy of bike riding rule over safety and common sense? Get a mountain bike!

URGENT PROJECT for our two mayors: Provide bike lanes on our roads to stop the deadly mix of speeding trucks, cars and vulnerable bike riders.

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