August 2nd, 2009 in Opinion Rants

IF OUR PRESIDENT and Congress want to give us the best health care, I want the same kind they have.

MOST PEOPLE are now losing health care because they're losing their jobs. When's that stimulus going to work?

OUR FAMILY members, a dozen or so, who live in England are very happy with British health care and think Americans should be so lucky.

IF THIS REALLY were a Christian nation, would we have 40 million neighbors without health insurance? I'm sure you know the penalty for lying!

IT IS TROUBLING to think that Mr. Wamp may be more accountable to his C-Street brethren than the people who put him in office.

TVA MANAGEMENT now wants to raid retirees' pension fund to pay for their colossal mistakes. How does Tom Kilgore still have a job?

THE MOST politically corrupt states are Louisiana, New Jersey and Illinois. Guess which party dominates in all three?

HARD-HEADED professor meets stubborn cop results in headlines. This news story is so blown out of proportion.

IT IS MY hope and prayer that the Taliban doesn't waterboard or torture our captured young American soldier.

IF GEORGIA annexes my part of Hamilton County for water rights, my taxes will lessen. If the mayor annexes me, my taxes will double.

IT AMAZES ME that we have school board members who do not use correct English when speaking.

WISE OLD saying, "An armed society is a polite society." Let's all be polite as if we were all armed.