March 29th, 2009 in Opinion Rants

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TAX TO THE MAX the AIG bonus money! What a novel solution from Congress! Is it illegal to off-shore congressional thinking?

GUESS WHO was the top recipient of AIG's campaign donations: Barack Obama.

LEARNNG MORE details regarding AIG and others, we discover that we need to dig deeper into Congress' corrupt involvement and their names be published!

WHY WOULD a bank loan you money when they can pay their country club dues with tax money?

IT'S STRANGE when the administration that leaves the big mess loses, they refuse to cooperate to fix things. All they do is complain and criticize.

AFTER ALL THE years of complaints about the poor man's entitlement programs, we find the real problem is the rich man's entitlement programs!

INSURANCE COMPANY lays off employees in Chattanooga (other U.S. locations) and Ireland and sends jobs to India. I guess that is really going global.

WHEN ARE WE going to save millions, nay billions, by dumping the IRS in favor of the Fair Tax? No more Geithners or Rangels et al.

SO CONGRESS wants to vote itself a cost of living increase, aka our money, while the rest of us tighten our belts another notch.

SCHOOLS CLOSING? What happened to all the lottery money that was supposed to go to help education. More CEO incompetence?

LOCAL FOX affiliate repeatedly shows HD programming in standard definition. Someone needs to wake up and flip a switch.

IF THE GOVERNMENT would stop giving money to the banks, then they would have to loan money to survive.

THE EDITOR OF the Wall Street Journal was correct. When will the government figure out that every time they do something, the problem gets worse.

THE COUNTY BUDGET is tight. Compared to what?

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