May 3rd, 2009 in Opinion Rants

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PEOPLE UPSET with government spending by President Obama, remember, he is spending a lot of it on "us" instead of Halliburton and Blackwater. Be grateful!

MAYOR RON did not mention merging city and county services during the election. Most citizens are against this no matter how much money it'd save.

ANYTIME politicians are described as visionaries, know that they need your money to make the visions real. Hope you like what you get!

IF REPUBLICANS don't like the direction our country is going, I say, "Love it or leave it!" Gee, does that sound familiar?

THE FIRST TIME there is a shooting in a state park we need to arrest some politicians. Don't think it isn't going to happen.

LAST YEAR alone $100 billion in corporate taxes went to offshore accounts. We taxpayers make up the shortfall. Have a tea party about that.

IT'S WEIRD how people think the government can run a giant military machine but can't give us universal health care. Think about that one!

PRESIDENT OBAMA may have bowed to the Saudi prince but at least he did not kiss his hand as our last president did!

WHO WOULD ever thought we would be dependent upon a Democratic president and a Democratic Congress to save capitalism?

AT LEAST Madoff bilked other greedy people; payday loan companies prey on the poor who have no voice.

"OBAMA SIGNS National Service Bill." Why doesn't producing goods and services at a profit count as service?

IF THE CITY annexes my neighborhood, can I get on the wait list to drop off a dangerous dog at McKamey Animal Center?

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