November 29th, 2009 in Opinion Rants

TO THE JEWELRY store posting the Frazier Avenue billboard with the obscene gesture in close proximity to an elementary and middle school: Very poor judgment.

CONTROVERSIAL billboards: Look twice, very clever creative advertising, nothing offensive, get over it.

JUST WHERE is stupidity taught? Primarily at homes where parents evidently teach their children that those who disagree with their views are stupid.

THE REASON I am no longer either a Democrat or Republican is that I choose instead to be an American first.

STUDIES TELL us that we only use 10 percent of our brains. I would be thrilled if our government would use one-tenth of that!

PRESIDENT OBAMA says let's work together. Bush said my way or the road. OK, which one do you prefer?

I AM A disabled Vietnam vet and owning guns does not make a man! Courage is what makes a man.

STATE REP. FLOYD is right about us being a socialist country. He himself called Tennessee a "Red State."

WHERE ARE ALL the so called "tea partiers" protesting the free ride of VW on the stormwater tax?

IF OUR EDUCATORS would spend as much time solving the dropout rates as they do finding blame and excuses, we would not have this problem.

WE SPENT countless hours participating and studying the results of the Dropout Summit. During this time, how many hours were spent with students in trouble?

HCDE APPROACH to dropout problem: Plan, meet, discuss, hold summit, train, review, consult, discuss, etc.