April 3rd, 2011 in Opinion Rants

UTC: YOU GIVE people access to students' apartments, and you do not do background checks on them? Shame!

WHO IS TO get shot today in Chattanooga; is this a war zone? Do something!

TAX CUTS FOR the ultra-rich but cutting programs for elderly, disabled and poor! Balancing the budget in worst recession in decades equals absolute insanity.

WHERE WERE the Japanese when urgently needed during the Katrina tragedy? At home, of course.

CLAIRE MCCASKILL, D-Mo., paid $360,000 back taxes like a half dozen Democrats. Seems they like taxes because they don't pay them unless caught.

THE STATE LEGISLATURE can replace the terms "idiot" and "lunatic" used in the law but not the elected idiots and lunatics among its membership.

HAS THE FEDERAL government shirked its responsibility to maintain the inland waterways of the United States by cutting off funds to complete the Chickamauga Lock?

KUDOS for clearing the brush along I-24 around the Bend. Clearing needed along Highway 27 from Signal Mountain Boulevard to Morrison Springs Road.

WHY GIVE the lawless society front-page headlines? This only gives them recognition - what they are seeking. Please limit front page to law-abiding citizens.

IF AMERICA IS a Christian nation, and gluttony is a sin, then why are there so many obese Americans? What would Jesus weigh?

TENNESSEE LEGISLATORS are interested in looking at teachers' retirement benefits. Legislators, however, contribute nothing to the TCRS system and still get retirement benefits from it!