August 14th, 2011 in Opinion Rants

HUMBLING, ISNT it Chattanooga, to find out your $#!+ really does stink?

BETTER TO PAY the birth control co-pay than welfare for unintended children.

I PAID SOCIAL Security insurance premiums for 54 years and Medicare for 43 years, so yes, I am entitled to my "entitlements."

THROUGHOUT THE debt ceiling debate, Obama reminded me of Charlie Brown, always trusting in Lucy's decency and good faith, while conservatives again moved the football.

THANK YOU, George, for leaving us with your financial mess, your wars and your recession. Get a grip, people, this was not Obama's doing.

WHY CAN'T WE cut foreign aid in half to help the deficit? They don't like us anyway.

WINNERS IN the debt-limit fiasco: Corporations and the super-rich.

Losers: The people of the U.S.

Villians: U.S. Congress

ALL POLITICIANS, quit acting like kids. If an idea helps jobs and people, don't vote against just because it wasn't your idea.

ONLY LAWYERS could cut $2.4 trillion over 10-years on $14-trillion current debt plus interest and want us to believe they accomplished something.

ERLANGER EXECUTIVES have lied to their police officer employees and the hospital trustees. The city sewers are not the only stink in town.

MY DAILY prayer, "Deliver us from evil -- the liberal Demon-crats and their agenda!" Amen.