August 28th, 2011 in Opinion Rants

MR. OBAMA, a job doesn't get done when it's started with a promise and finished with an alibi.

FOR THOSE citizens who felt that George Bush was too intellectual, Rick Perry is their man! He's unbelievably dense.

REDUCING PENSIONS? Start at presidents, vice presidents, congressmen and congresswomen, senators, all past and present. Remove Secret Service from ex-presidents, etc., and their families.

WARREN BUFFETT has the right idea. If you won't tax the rich, then do a flat tax on everyone, regardless of what they earn.

NO ZOMBIES AT TVA meetings? Well, there goes half the TVA employees and most of the board of directors.

IS THERE ANYTHING at all to the right of Karl Marx that Clay Bennett doesn't hate?

BULLYING ON THE playground is illegal. Guess there's no such law in Congress!

ATLANTA, THE CITY too busy to hate but ample time to cheat its children and taxpayers.

WHY DO OUR kids do so well in schools? Could it be because principals are more interested in getting a "coach" than a dedicated teacher?

WOULDN'T BE IT wise to first try Amtrak service to and from Atlanta before committing to high-speed rail?

OPENING AN IHOP on Gunbarrel Road isn't going to make that big a difference. It's already a traffic nightmare. What's one more restaurant?