December 11th, 2011 in Opinion Rants

CAIN QUIT over his lack of "family values," and now Newt takes the lead! Go figure!

WONDER IF Sen. Mullis' memory must have lapsed when he helped recruit Rick Perry to run for hmmmm ... which office? Oh yeah, president.

WE WON'T VOTE for Obama. We'll vote for ABE: anybody else!

IS IT ME, or are the Republican candidates and debates beginning to look like "Ripley's Believe It Or Not?"

BALLOT BOXES vs. term limits: I pondered your six words, now ponder these 10: John Boehner, Ron Paul, Peter King, Paul Ryan, Bill Young.

HOW DO these people get a Social Security check without a photo ID?

HEY, JIM FOLKNER, if you get the Red Bank city's manger job are you going to start a recall to oust Mayor Monty Millard?

RHONDA THURMAN walks out of a meeting! Stand and applaud. Best move she could make.

SCHOOL TEACHERS spend a lot of their salary buying school supplies -- giving a gift to a teacher is saying "Thank You."

CLAY BENNETT'S cartoon in Dec. 4 paper is very offensive. He should check his facts and read Newt's daughter's book on what actually happened. Shameful!

TV COMMERCIALS with screaming people trying to sell their wares are worse than fingernails across a blackboard. Can't we stop them?