February 27th, 2011 in Opinion Rants

IT WAS UPSETTING to read about the family that has been burglarized four times. I would like to suggest my insurance policy: Winchester.

WHY ARE FUEL prices on Highway 58 as much as 23 cents a gallon higher than in Hixson? Can you say price gouging? Oh, yeah!

WHY DOES "Home Makeover'' need donations for a $200,000 loan to cover a $60,000 loan made years ago, if labor and supplies are donated?

WHAT A WONDERFUL thing you people did for Patrick and his family. God bless you all.

DURING "EXTREME MAKEOVER,'' Channel 9 had just about enough other news to fill one evening newscast. In the future, cut two of them out.

ISRAEL AND THE U.S. gotta be wringing their hands now that the Middle East dictators we support can't control their people.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Please contact the "Jeopardy'' computer Watson, ASAP. You need all the help you can find to solve this country's problems.

SO HOW COME instead of cutting subsidies to oil and farm business, they cut money for heating oil, leaving poor people out in the cold?

SHAME ON the labor unions for their ridiculous "shame on [fill in the blank]" campaigns.

WOULDN'T IT be great to live in a world free of Bama fans?

YOU WERE NOT very good drivers before you got your phones; you're definitely poor now. Please, for the sake of my family, hang up!