March 6th, 2011 in Opinion Rants

YOU GO, J. Todd Foster! I get my news from the daily TFP and not from a computer screen.

WHO WOULDA thunk that all this time, Charlie Sheen was the "half a man."

FOUR-TRILLION-DOLLAR deficit in three years - yes, we can - destroy our children's future with a one-term president!

IF GADHAFI is the mad dog of the East, Obama is the Chihuahua of the West.

TENNESSEE LEGISLATURE plans to take teachers' collective bargaining rights? Fat lot of good they've done us, without a raise in four years!

CONGRESSMAN Fleischmann, you can't have it both ways! No more increased federal spending includes the Chickamauga lock! Voters, be careful what you wish for!

IF LOOKING AT the mug shots on the "right2know" site doesn't make you want to arm yourself, I'm not sure what would.

NOT COLLECTING sales tax in a state that depends on it is like exempting people from income tax for a government that depends on that.

HEY, GEORGIA, you're not welcome to our water! Just because your growth exceeds your current infrastructure needs doesn't make it Tennessee's problem!

WHY DO LOCAL movie theaters continue to try to deafen both children and adults with their loud volume even after being asked to lower it?

JUST WONDERING, is there a speed limit on Highway 153? With Volkswagen in town, people must think it's the Autobahn!