September 25th, 2011 in Opinion Rants

OREGON WRITER Thompson pans Chattanooga living because of our values. Good. We want neither his values nor him here as a pain in the rear.

WHY SHOULD America's workers have to postpone retirement to finance Washington's extravagance?

NERO FIDDLED while Rome burned, Obama vacationed while the economy goes up in flames. Look what happened to Rome. Get to work, Mr. President.

IT'S EASY TO blame Obama for all of our economic woes, but Congress has blocked everything he tried to do.

RICK PERRY says he cannot be bought for an amount as small as $5,000. It will take at least $200,000.

RAISE THE taxes! Sorry, rich tea partiers, it's just the Christian thing to do. Do you love your fellow man? The poor need your compassion.

DON'T RE-ELECT anyone in government office. New can't be any worse!

FOX NEWS censors Alec Baldwin's joke about Rupert Murdoch's phone hacking scandal. Fair and balanced? Not hardly! Just "Faux News" slanting a story as usual.

I PERSONALLY witnessed a driver using her turn signal in Chattanooga on Wednesday! She was driving a blue Honda.

TEACHERS WERE talking among themselves during the introduction at Soddy-Daisy Middle School open house. Would this be acceptable behavior for their students?

WHY AREN'T GOP presidential candidates lining up to get George W. Bush's endorsement?