April 1st, 2012 in Opinion Rants

YOU KNOW it is time for the United States to leave Afghanistan when our puppet Hamid Karzai wants us to leave.

HATE OBAMA? It's because of all the lies you've been fed about him. He's a good man.

ONLY A PERSON dumber than Obama, who voted for him once, would vote for him twice.

ZACH WAMP got money for the Chickamauga lock every year, but we elect a Republican that is against earmarks. Earmarks diverted Ohio's Olmsted money here.

HOW MUCH less would our power bills be if TVA didn't pay exorbitant salaries and EPB was not involved in cable?

WHO APPOINTED David Fowler and his so-called Family Action Council the "Morals Monitor" for Tennessee? We are not a theocracy, at least not yet.

IF MEN HAD to bear the children, birth control would be a no-brainer.

WATCH OUT! When eating at a local restaurant you may be photographed and accused of something you would never, ever do.

A COUNTY commissioner said, "I haven't got nobody I can nominate" for a school board vacancy.

OWNING A Mercedes doesn't confirm inclusion in the 1 percent nor disqualify disability status. I would gladly trade everything I possess to regain my health.

TIGER WOODS: Playing bad, limps off course; playing good, no problems. Still an arrogant jerk.