April 15th, 2012 in Opinion Rants

A WIN FOR Weston Wamp will mean another term for Zach. He served his time. We don't need a repeat!

GOV. HASLAM, tell your crazy Republican legislators to stop proposing crazy bills and the media will not have crazy bills to report on. Problem solved.

WATTS BAR Nuclear Plant is three years behind and will cost $1.9 billion more. Upper management gets $30 million salary and bonus increase. Go figure.

HEY, MR. MAYOR/CITY COUNCIL: Join the 21st century. Forget the dangerous out-of-date roundabouts, widen the streets and fix the potholes.

DEAR CITY councilmen, use your brains. Rehab vacant buildings in Hixson and Red Bank, and leave undeveloped land alone!

TOMMIE BROWN: Stop referring to out-of-control gang members as babies and hold them accountable for their actions.

UTC REALLY needs to revoke Bo Watson's biology degree. Clearly he slept through class.

EVOLUTIONISTS: Once I was a minnow swimming in the sea. Then I was a monkey hanging in a tree. Now I'm a professor with a PhD.

HEY, PEOPLE, chaos on the sidewalk! We're not in Europe! Walk and ride on the right.

SO YOU'RE getting food stamps? Explain why you're buying only junk food for your eight kids and not healthy food?

EVER WONDER why the TFP never carries the results of the walking horse "celebration?" Now you know. Nobody likes to read about horse abuse.