April 22nd, 2012 in Opinion Rants

CARTA DOESN'T pay fuel taxes, income taxes and other taxes. However, it can fund excessive pension costs for its director and executive?

CONGRATUALTIONS, TDOT, you've managed to spend $100 million to move the 27 traffic jam 300 yards. Now tackle the real problem at the 75/24 split.

SOCIAL SECURITY started in 1935. Life expectancy was 62. Today it's 79. Why do we have city/county retirement plans of 25 and 30 years?

A CITY EMPLOYEE can start at 18, retire at 48 and expect to live off of tax dollars until age 79. Work 30, pay 61.

IF SOLAR IS such a racket, why is the VW building the largest solar facility in Tennessee? Are we becoming old Europe?

TOMMIE BROWN, the role of the city government is to protect its citizens, not raise the "babies" parents haven't. Why should anyone hire gang members?

THE NRA (National Roundabout Association) has spoken: Roundabouts don't kill. People do.

GLOBAL WARMING and increased tornadoes? Stop cutting down trees and pouring concrete.

IF THOSE GAMBLERS are the Who's Who of Chattanooga, we're in big trouble!

SO THE CITY of Chattanooga is graciously offering up sidewalks as free space for chalk-graffiti advertising for yet another social networking site? For shame!

MEMO TO Ted Nugent: Shut up and sing!