August 5th, 2012 in Opinion Rants

REPUBLICANS ARE opposed to government making health-care decisions but apparently don't have a problem with insurance companies outsourcing these decisions to India and the Philippines.

EVER NOTICE that most of those political signs all over town are two-faced, uh, I mean two-sided?

EVEN PEOPLE with guns want gun laws. Let's start by banning semi-automatics.

HEY, TDOT, if the CityGreen apartment complex can put up "living" retaining walls, why can't you? Enough with the concrete already. Follow their lead.

FREE PRESS SAYS Thurman called "brash, crass, obnoxious and polarizing"-- great traits for "Jersey Shore" but not public education.

BENSON FINALLY got it right saying he wanted voters to decide. Now, Mr. Benson, how about those term limits?

HOORAY! "Liberal Left" Times called Todd Gardenhire too conservative. "Righteous Right" Free Press called him too liberal. Finally the perfect candidate.

PARKED IN AN LEV parking space. I figure that since I passed my emissions test, I was eligible!

ALEXIAN VILLAGE residents, Signal Mountain, are still up in the air about losing Matt Fox as our CEO. Can't imagine why; he was the best.

IF THINGS KEEP going like they are going, the sports section is going to have to implement a new column called the "Sports Crime Scene."