August 26th, 2012 in Opinion Rants

HAS ANYONE ever noticed that America was doing just fine, thank you, until the bean counters were allowed to gain control of business and government?

FOR THOSE WHO oppose/resent the good fortune of the rich: How many poor people have you known who hired 50 or more employees?

AM I CYNICAL or is the "1 percent," i. e. job creators, not creating jobs to get the GOP back in power to protect their wealth?

WHEN GAYS speak out for their beliefs, it's freedom of speech. When Christians speak out, it's bigotry and hatred. Where's the logic in that?

WHY NOT GET actual hoops for poor black people to jump through to vote, and to be fair, let's give tea partiers literacy tests.

IS THE MILLARD Filmore "comic strip" written by Rush Limbaugh or Karl Rove?

FREE-WILLED, irresponsible citizens choose to be addicts, criminals, illegals and grossly overweight. Why must responsible, hardworking citizens be forced to support them?

WHY IS IT that the people who complain the most about excessive government spending and the national debt are those drawing Social Security and Medicare?

THE POSSIBLE cigarette tax hike is wrong. Hey, crooked politicians and health Nazis, go get your tax hikes elsewhere!

COUNTY MEETINGS, football games! Hey guys, is it OK if we pray in church? How ridiculous, you are the minority, but the majority in hell.

LET'S SEE: Cheap motels, empty buildings and shady businesses ... Where am I, Rossville Boulevard or Ringgold Road? Eeny, meeny!