January 1st, 2012 in Opinion Rants

IT SEEMS congressional Republicans have formed a circular firing squad.

GO HOME, Congress ... and don't come back.

BANKS LIKE TO call laws that restrict their risky business by requiring them to cover their losses, un-American. How patriotic are they?

HOW CAN A person despise corporate executives making millions, yet idolize professional athletes making millions?

ANY "CLASS WAR" is long over. It was waged silently by the rich vacuuming all the wealth of America from the rest of us.

WHEN YOU SIGNED the recall Littlefield petition, you signed to close the Volkswagen plant and shut down all industrial recruitment for this area.

MAYOR LITTLEFIELD: You need to forget about your land-grab annexation and homeless shelter. Do something about gang violence. It will be your legacy otherwise.

WENT TO PAY city property taxes at 1:45 p.m. on Dec. 23, but the offices were closed, they were supposed to be open until 4:30!

THERE ARE TWO roundabouts on Igou Gap Road in less than a mile. Where is the traffic? What a waste.

FROM WHAT planet does Clay Bennett come?

THANKS, TFP, for the wonderful Christmas gift of a "no Steve Barrett column" Sunday paper. It was greatly appreciated.