July 1st, 2012 in Opinion Rants

THE MEXICAN GUN fiasco started under Bush. The recession started under Bush. Blame Obama. What a brainwashing job! This observation from an Independent.

PLEASE, PLEASE! I don't think I can take four more years of "It's George Bush's fault." Geesh!

EXCERPTS FROM Chuck Fleischmann's deposition prove the lengths campaigns go to denouncing the other candidates. Stop believing all the ads. Start thinking for yourself.

TO THOSE WHO sued over prayer, thanks for wasting my tax dollars when it could have been put to better use. We need prayer.

THE COUNTY COMMISSION can stop opposition to their invocation by inviting in turn representatives from every religious denomination listed in TFP's Saturday edition to pray.

SO THE CITY thinks it can run the water company better. Their proof: The riverfront, the sewer system, The Chattanoogan and EPB fiberoptics.

MY HOME VALUE is down, my income down, tax appraisals are coming and the city and county budgets are up. We have not solved anything!

CHATTANOOGA RESIDENTS should indeed worry about their taxes. The council just gave away $9 million in revenue to a developer who didn't even need it.

CITY POLICE CAN retire at 46. Life expectancy is 79. The 33 extra years paid is a debt the same as the mortgage on The Chattanoogan.

IN A PRIVATE company, an employee operating a vehicle while intoxicated would be fired immediately.

TEXTING WHILE driving is worse than drunken driving. At least drunks are trying to drive. Texters have zero interest in driving.