July 15th, 2012 in Opinion Rants

THE IDEOLOGICAL, no-compromise gridlock in Washington is destroying our country. Only solution is to vote out all incumbents, starting this fall.

CONGRESSIONAL members recently expressed concern that Wal-mart managers possibly bribed foreign officials. Happens here every day -- it's called lobbying.

IT IS TIME for the voters to exercise their executive voting privilege and overturn Obama and his Obama health care!

NOTE TO REPUBLICANS: You lost the war over health care. It is the law of the land. Stop crying and stop acting like sore losers.

REFUSE TO BUY health insurance? Fine. Then pay up front when you see the doctor or go to hospital. I'm tired of paying your bills.

BODY PARTS should be valued in Kelly Blue Book (according to age and condition etc.) to limit medical malpractice suits.

CHATTANOOGANS ARE drunk on religion, and like all drunks, they insist everyone drink along with them.

WITH THE POVERTY, crime and ignorance in our area, maybe the commission should try praying to a different god.

DON'T ELECT A judge based on who has the biggest or most blue signs at every intersection.

DON'T TRADE with big-box stores that have kicked out made-in-America products and are killing our well-known name brands!

IF IT BOTHERS you to hear someone pray, stick your fingers in your ears and shut your mouth!