July 29th, 2012 in Opinion Rants

A MOMENT of silence? This is the atheists' prayer, because they have no god to pray to. How sad!

WE CAN SEND 100 Westons, Scotties or Chucks to Washington, but it won't be enough if Obama gets re-elected.

TWO IDIOTS: Obama and Clay Bennett! Dump them both in 2012.

"VOTE FOR ME, I'm not Obama" just doesn't seem to be the best reason to vote for a candidate.

ROMNEY'S PLAN: If he and his rich friends make enough, then they might hire us as maids and gardeners.

FOUR PRIVATE Chattanooga schools charge $20,000 per student. Public schools accepting donations for basic supplies. What's wrong with this picture?

WHAT KIND of person remembers to get their cell phone, purse, etc. from the back seat, but would forget their child? God help us all!

AFTER RELEASING 354 million gallons of raw sewage into the Tennessee River, shouldn't the city change the green Initiative to brown?

TVA NEEDS TO relabel the "fuel cost adjustment" charge tacked on my business electric bill every month. It should read "exorbitant TVA executive salary" charge!

KUDOS TO Nightfall for banning smoking in certain areas. Could you please ban the people that spit on the grass where the children play? Ugh!

THE TIMES FREE PRESS seems eager to publish top paid government employees' salaries. In the interest of fairness, how about publishing top TFP executives salaries?