June 10th, 2012 in Opinion Rants

THREE-YEAR-OLD kills herself with grandfather's handgun, 13-year-old kills his 12-year-old sister with father's handgun, and NRA wants no handgun controls.

I SHUDDER TO think my mail sent across town has to go through Atlanta first. We need to keep that Shallowford Road post office open.

IF THE FEDS won't outright forgive student loans, as they should, at least make repayment commensurate with income.

MAYOR BLOOMBERG, this is the U.S.A. I'll drink as much soda as I want. If your law passes, I will buy three 16-ounce sodas!

THE REPUBLICAN conservatives and big corporations bought the Wisconsin recall election spending double what Democrats spent. Will they be able to buy the presidency?

GOOD FRIDAY is an official county holiday. Guess the First Amendment doesn't apply in the Bible Belt!

IF THE SCHOOL board/CHA land swap benefited Soddy-Daisy instead of Howard, it would have been "secret" to everyone.

HOW WONDERFUL, the masses get 25 cents-per-week break on groceries, and 860 residents get millions in estate tax elimination. Way to go, governor!

SO PILL MILLS can dish it out and keep people hooked and high, but you can't buy a bag of grass?

IT'S NOT ENOUGH that East Ridge is covered with cigarette butts. Now we have to look at two firework stores whose colors are so ugly!

HOW ABOUT providing information on "Congressional 4th District" elections -- there is more than one district in the area!