June 17th, 2012 in Opinion Rants

WESTON WAMP: Passionate. Principled. Fearless. Will this come out in 3D sometime this summer?

TOO BAD somebody from Chattanooga Bakery didn't run for Congress. We could have had the "Milk and Cookies" primary.

GO AHEAD, fatty, get two 16-ounce sugary drinks; nobody's stopping you. Michael Bloomberg for president!

PUBLIC PRAYER is offensive, but someone rattles off a long line of obscenities and it's defended as free speech.

YOU CAN PRAY in silence 24/7 and God will hear you. You need not pray out loud. Read your Bible, especially Matthew 6: 5 to 7.

ONLY 32 FATHERS in 2,900 public housing families. There's your gang problem. When you abandon your own, you diss yourself.

ADULTS: If your mother had been a gender-selected abortion, you would not even be here. Think about it!

JUST WONDERING how parents can qualify for free lunches for their kids and free medical care when they chain smoke $5-a-pack cigarettes.

SUNDAYS USED to be fun for the family at the Market. Now you have to crawl over loud, laughing, beer drinkers everywhere. No more Market!

CHATTANOOGANS who were against owning your water company: Pay up and don't take as many showers. "By their smell we shall know them."

TV IS TEACHING young women that you have to be mean spirited, foul mouthed and scantily dressed to make it in today's world.