June 24th, 2012 in Opinion Rants

IF YOU WANT to live in a country where they govern according to a religious book, move to Iran.

THAT SENATE hearing investigating JPMorgan's $5 billion loss was nothing but an embarrassing spectacle of lawmakers enthralled with money and wealth. Get a room.

SO JOHN EDWARDS now has a clear record. He can resume his career making millions chasing ambulances and suing insurance companies again. What a smarm!

SCOTTIE MAYFIELD: Wow, another no-spending, smaller-government Republican hypocrite eating at the proverbial trough. We're shocked. Shocked!

IF SYNTHETIC marijuana causes serious health problems or kills you, why do we continue to keep "natural" marijuana, which won't kill you, illegal?

HOW MUCH does it take to buy county workers' votes? Mayor Coppinger thinks 3 percent will do the trick.

SHAME ON YOU for dumping baby kittens behind the Soddy-Daisy fire hall by the lake!

SPANGLER FARMS Greenway: It is curious that the greenway gate opens at 7:30, yet the bathrooms aren't unlocked until 9. Very strange!

ROD STEWART, La Quinta Inn! Come on, now -- that would be my first jolt to reality.

MAYBE IF everyone stopped and prayed occasionally, our country wouldn't be in such a mess!

AFTER YOUR yard sale is over, take down your directional signs! I'm tired of driving around looking for a sale that is nonexistent!