March 4th, 2012 in Opinion Rants

TWO IDIOTS, Obama and Clay Bennett, dump them both in 2012. Good riddance!

SANTORUM: KEEPS women in their place and pregnant. Closes public schools. Thinks earth is there for the taking. Wants the rich richer. My kinda guy!

FOR THE LIFE of me, I will never understand why men are involved in women's reproductive issues.

MOST OF OUR county and state officials are not replying to emails about our petition to stop vehicle emissions testing in Hamilton County. Wonder why?

IRAN'S MISSILES are set on Saudi Arabia's oil fields. If Israel strikes, then how much will gas be?

WHY CAN'T Skillern take his money, buy his own county and leave Hamilton County for the sane people to govern?

DRIVERS, IT'S the law. Use your blinkers when turning or changing lanes, turn lights on when raining and stop for a funeral procession.

IF TRACK 29 can get acts like Jack White (already sold out) and Five Finger Death Punch, why can't Riverbend? Some modern rock, please.

ATTENTION THIEVES who stole our antique planters, dirt, plants and all: Shame on you. We hope that twinge you feel is guilt -- or a hernia!

SO GLAD THE union sign is finally taken away from the Hampton Inn and hope the paid sitters are back at real work.

TO THE INCREDIBLY kind woman who paid for my mocha at Starbucks, my heart thanks you! You made my day!