March 25th, 2012 in Opinion Rants

WHO IS GOING to pay for the damage done to the courthouse lawn by the Occupy Chattanooga protesters? Oh, yeah, the 1 percent -- like always.

PRIVATE INTERVIEWS for a public school board appointment. Bad call, Larry Henry. Get mad, District 3.

THE EAST HAMILTON community committee should have convened prior to unveiling the rezone plan. But the Hamilton County Department of Education hates community input.

MAGNET SCHOOLS are intended to create diversity, so why does the new lottery ignore this?

WATCH OUT, East Chattanooga, three white liberals are on their way to save you just like they did Main Street.

HEY, BO WATSON, here's a thought: "To teach superstitions as truth is a terrible thing" -- Hypatia (c.400 a.d.). Still true today.

COUNTY RESIDENTS now have to pay a $50 fee to use the public library. Boycott city stores!

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS Time: The government's idea of cutting the top off the blanket and sewing it to the bottom to make the blanket longer.

NO WONDER Democrats want people to be dependent on welfare, stripping their dignity and self-respect. Dependency garners votes; dependency is not freedom.

MY NEW campaign: While Alison Gerber does have the Right2Know, I and 127,000 other potential subscribers have a Right2Cancel.

ALL RIGHT, already (ad nauseum), "Right Side," we get it! Obamacare is unpopular. Any poll respondents know what all is in a 2,000-page bill?