May 6th, 2012 in Opinion Rants

OBAMA SAYS that Bin Laden got what he deserved. Does that mean that he and the Dems support capital punishment?

SOMETHING DOESN'T feel right about letting people in office redraw their own districts. What do you think they're going to do?

YOU KNOW we're in trouble when a Supreme Court justice compares health care to broccoli.

WHY ARE WE spending money prosecuting John Edwards but not the crooks on Wall Street?

NOW COMPLETED, what was the projected and actual costs of the VW complex to federal, state and local taxpayers?

MR. MAYFIELD: Being unable to prevent criminal mischief by your son, you do not deserve being our representative in D.C. Please withdraw immediately!

THE CITY COUNCIL roof project's excessive cost is just another example of the ease at which politicians spend "other people's money."

POLICE OFFICERS are warned not to associate with known convicted felons. Maybe this just applies to the lower rank and file.

I WOULDN'T begrudge anyone a drink on a Bahamas cruise; however, you signed a statement that said you wouldn't. Not leading by example.

PRINCIPAL JOYNES being transferred due to money offers! How can you put money over improving the lives of children. See anything wrong with this?

TV METEOROLOGISTS: We can read two-digit temperatures without your help! Please use your time to explain what they mean.