May 20th, 2012 in Opinion Rants

PACK UP YOUR guns to go see Ted Nugent! Discount tickets for Obama-haters and NRA members (one and the same?).

TAXPAYER-PAID bailouts are being paid back in our improving economy. Austerity measures are deepening the financial crises in Europe. Think, voters. Which approach works?

WHICH IS MORE detrimental to the so-called sanctity of marriage, allowing gay marriage or no-fault divorce? Come on, now, let's not be hypocritical!

OXYMORON OF the week: Same-sex marriage. Oxymorons every week: presidential competence, congressional fiscal responsibility, judicial constitutionality and political integrity.

WHY DOESN'T the U.S. Postal Service just stop Saturday deliveries already? It's usually just junk mail anyway. Think of how much money this will save.

IF THE DEMOCRATS want to tax the 1 percenters so much, how come so many of them contribute to the Democratic Party?

JPMORGAN LOSES $2 billion, exec is fired. TVA loses $3 billion in ash spill and Watts Bar construction overruns, exec gets millions in bonuses.

STILL TRUST OUR economy to mega banks? Still don't think we need regulation? Still trust the Republican Party concept? Please explain.

THE "SMARTEST guys in the room" created a system of revolving debt and fictitious wealth they themselves no longer understand. Deregulate the banking industry.

THE CHATTANOOGA police officers are professionals, but wearing shorts definitely ruins the professional and authoritative appearance. Shorts shouldn't be part of the police uniform.

IF CHATTANOOGA is a "Green City," why aren't there any recycling services at the Chattanooga Market every Sunday?