May 27th, 2012 in Opinion Rants

HEY, TOM McCullough, what goes around comes around!

SCHOOL BOARD got "dose of own medicine" when businesses feigned interest in STEM project without funding. Same way board treated parents' rezoning group? Bitter pill?

BANKS SHOULD just go back to being banks, taking deposits and making loans. You wanna take risks, be a hedge fund.

IT'S A SAD day when conservatives of this country consider the teachings of Ayn Rand more valid and important then the teaching of Jesus Christ.

POOR SCOTTIE. I'm starting to understand why he doesn't debate. Scottie, Medicaid is not charity, my friend. Poor people pay taxes. They work.

WHEN YOU MAKE it easy to carry a concealed weapon, people are more apt to shoot first and ask questions later.

IF HAND-HOLDING is the "gateway to sex," is gun ownership the "gateway to murder?"

WAR ON DRUGS: U.S. prison population has doubled in the last 20 years. Demand has not dropped. Time to legalize and tax pot.

WHY DO WE subsidize crops that are bad for us like the wheat, corn and sugar industries? How come we don't subsidize the asparagus industry?

TENNESSEE WALKING Horses: Shut down this so-called sport forever and put the abusers in jail. Tennessee should not have its name associated with this.

LIFE JUST GOT a lot duller for gay Americans.