November 25th, 2012 in Opinion Rants

BROKE HIS marital vows. Disregarded his oath as a physician. Did not practice in private the morals he preached in public. You voted for DesJarlais?

I HAVE NO idea what Dr. Scott Dejarlais really and truly believes about abortion. However, he obviously doesn't believe in birth control.

YOU PEOPLE who didn't vote, shame on you.

KARL ROVE solicited $300 million for Romney support. Those investors are rightfully ticked. Money well spent if it gets babbling Rove off the airwaves.

THE DUMBING down of America went wild on Nov. 6.

THE ELECTION was about freebies or freedom. Tragically, freebies won.

SURE, MR. ROMNEY, whatever you say. We only voted for Mr. Obama because we wanted "free stuff," like affordable heath care.

HOW ABOUT all you TVA folks giving 10 percent (or more) of your bonus to charities that help the poor pay their utility bills?

CHUCK FLEISCHMANN your boss is the Third District. Your job is to secure funding for the Chickamauga lock. You are fired!

NEVER MIND putting their name on a petition. Anyone even thinking about the notion of secession ought to be ashamed of themselves.

AS MAYOR, how would Andy Berke, a Democrat and a lawyer, deal with gangs? More programs or tougher law enforcement?