October 7th, 2012 in Opinion Rants

PUT YOUR SMART phones and your iPads down, look another human being in the eye, open your mouth and speak. Reclaim the art of conversation.

THE PREDICTABLE results of Democratic policies are high unemployment with lower wages, high deficits with higher prices, and crushing regulations. This is "middle class support"?

"PAC MONEY" is taboo for politicians. Now they wink and launder millions through "super PACS" and we just smile. Brain dead is we.

AMERICA'S CONSTANT state of waging wars will stop only if we bring back the draft or demand that funds be voted for before mobilizing.

THE OBVIOUS solution to gangs is to draft members into the army. It would give them jobs, training, supervision and a useful outlet for aggression.

HOW CAN ANYONE shoot across a Walmart parking lot with others going back and forth and not be charged?

HEY, RED BANK: It's not the cameras that's the problem, it's the clowns running the city. You need real leadership.

IS ANYONE considering the traffic problems by closing a street for Publix? I use Manning to bypass Frazier now, which is a nightmare.

ROMNEY THINKS entrepreneurship should be every American's goal. God didn't create all to be entrepreneurs. What is it that is the root of all evil?

TELEVISION COMMERCIAL from the Catholic Church asked me to vote "values" in November. Where was their concern for values when priests were molesting little boys?

SINGLE-STORY, single-use with surface parking on North Market will drain the "funky" and "eclectic" from North Chatt.