October 14th, 2012 in Opinion Rants

WELL, I GUESS I ate my last Krystal.

BETTER A MORMON then a moron!

PRESIDENT OBAMA took down Bin Laden. Romney has vowed to take down Big Bird.

ROMNEY IS A good debater, but I still wouldn't buy a used car from the man.

WHAT REAGAN inherited from Carter was worse than what Obama inherited from Bush. It took one-and-a-half years to see benefit from Reagan's policies. Elections matter.

I RECALL HOW Hitler convinced devout Christians to hate Jews. Does Fox News (Republican) rhetoric differ? As an independent I ask you to think: WWJD.

FIFTY DOLLARS a year to use the Chattanooga library system? No more donated books from me.

TENNESSEE-AMERICAN Water knows how to game the system. Repeatedly, they ask for giant increases, knowing that they'll get less, but still get large increases.

SAD WE ARE having 21 festivals the same weekend, but who can attend them all? Should be spread out over the month.

WITH WUTC canceling "Prairie Home Companion" and "Car Talk," they might just as well close up shop. They were the reason to listen to WUTC.

IF POOR PEOPLE cannot afford decent housing, then give them more money. Let the marketplace regulate where they live, not city ordinance.