October 21st, 2012 in Opinion Rants

MAN, I WISH Joe Biden were president!

BIDEN LOOKED liked the symbol of his party in the debate, a grinning jackass.

I DON'T BLAME Obama for Fast and Furious or Libya. I blame his incompetent and corrupt administration. Why have Holder and others not been fired?

PRESIDENT OBAMA took down Bin Laden. Mitt Romney vows to take down Big Bird. Now, that's leadership.

THE "MORMON" issue? In typical hypocritical Christian fashion, Mormonism was sinful four years ago when Romney faced McCain but it's the Holy Grail now.

REP. DESJARLAIS and fellow Republicans are good at preaching family values, just not good at practicing them.

WHAT HAS Fleischmann done for his 3rd District constituents besides sitting on John Boehner's shoulder parroting Republican obstructionism?

SURE, ANDY BERKE loves the Democrat Party when it benefits him. Vote for, but not endorse Andrae McGary. Talk about self-serving.

POLK COUNTY'S population in 2010 was 16,825. The county has eight post offices and we wonder why the Postal Service is going broke.

A 40-POUND pygmy goat would be preferable to my neighbor's dogs. It's a pet, not livestock. Get a grip, East Ridge.

USDA, YOU can't force kids to eat what they don't like, healthy or otherwise. Quit wasting money making them take things they just throw away!