September 2nd, 2012 in Opinion Rants

WHERE IS Pat Robertson? I can't wait to hear why he says God is punishing the Republicans with a storm in Tampa.

REPUBLICANS WANT to poison the air and water (Obama). Female rape victims' bodies can prevent pregnancy (Akins). Both are equally ignorant statements!

I'M SEEING A direct correlation between low ACT scores and red states.

PAUL RYAN joined the cult of Ayn Rand and still doesn't comprehend that her fiction was a dysfunctional fantasy.

LEGITIMATE RAPE? Skinny-dipping? How many other idiots do we have in Congress? Oh! All of them.

ALTHOUGH HE claims to lead a Christian family organization, David Fowler's comment comparing food stamp recipients with animals wasn't very Christ-like.

DO UNTO THE trainers and owners as they've done unto the horses. See how they like walking around on sore feet.

EVIDENCE OF A team meal at a church? Oh, horrors! Say it ain't so, coach!

PERHAPS RIDGELAND High's football coach should leave public education and join the ministry.

COULD WE HAVE one person on TVA's board, just one, who actually has energy and engineering experience?

REGARDING DAVID Cook's bleeding-heart commentary about gang members: If they wanted jobs, they'd clean up their acts and appearances.