September 16th, 2012 in Opinion Rants

THE PARTY representing women selects Bill Clinton as its keynote speaker. It was a tossup between Bill and John Edwards.

MR. CLINTON should know about budgets. Unlike George Bush, he had his budget balanced.

YOU ELECT A socialist president of a country built on a capitalistic/free-enterprise system, then wonder why the economy fails. Duh!

PAUL RYAN CAN'T be truthful about a small thing like a marathon; how can he be truthful about huge things like Medicare or Social Security?

ELECTION CHOICE: Do nothing vs. know nothing.

EVEN GIVEN the dumbing down of America, the fine citizens of Hamilton County have to be some of the most backward in the country.

THANK YOU, NRA, for making it possible for our schoolchildren to now be called the "Lockdown Generation."

ART IS NOT "vital" to anything. Art is a luxury.

AFTER VISITING several Chattanooga churches, I've decided people are much friendlier at the local bars and on the streets in my neighborhood.

SHAME ON YOU, UTC, for letting an atheist group of 18,000 members from Wisconsin tell you what to do. Shame on you.

NO TRAFFIC cameras in Red Bank? I still ain't goin'!