September 23rd, 2012 in Opinion Rants

ROMNEY IS CLUELESS. We pay income taxes, have never gotten welfare and we're voting for Obama.

POOR CLINT EASTWOOD: An empty brain, talking to an empty chair, defending an empty suit!

ROMNEY: TOUGH, resolute and presidential. Obama: Apologize, then off to Vegas to be with wealthy libs. Clueless, lying and a loser.

WANT A SURE-FIRE stimulus? Increase Social Security payments. We old folks spend every penny we have.

IF BENSON stayed awake past sundown he might know his lily-white neighborhood is smack between the mall and gangland east. Wake up, Jack!

NOTHING HAS turned my stomach in a long time like the rumor of felon Crutchfield possibly running for City Council. That is disgusting.

TRAFFIC CAMERAS: Red Bank City Council voted against safety on our streets. Next time, our family will vote for leaders with character!

TO THE RANTER who won't go to Red Bank: Your loss! We're near downtown! Great neighborhoods! Possibilities are endless! Go Lions!

ART IS NOT VITAL, but it fosters innovation, appreciation, perception, observation, creativity, awareness, direction and visualization, all of which are the opposite of narrow mindedness.

IF YOU HAVE something stolen in East Ridge, no one ever follows up on it after the report. Why?

CONTRARY TO popular belief, you can live in the state of Tennessee and not be a Vols football fan! Roll, Tide!