April 21st, 2013 by Staff Reports in Opinion Rants

I THOUGHT REPUBLICANS were all for less government, free markets and privatization. Then why the anguish over TVA? Oh, Obama's idea, must be bad!

THEY BUILT THE Georgia Aquarium to keep people from driving up to visit ours, so if Atlanta needs water let 'em get it from their aquarium!

GONE ARE THE days we got to gawk and shudder at nature's freaks in carnival sideshows. Fortunately for us, the Tennessee Legislature yet thrives.

YES, IT'S RATE payers who pay for TVA, but we tax-paying rate payers wouldn't mind seeing your $24 billion debt off the federal books.

BENNETT'S CARTOONS are divisive to the left, but saying Margaret Thatcher went to hell is repulsive.

YOUR FREEDOM to sell stolen guns from the trunk of your car to felons, gang members and drug dealers was preserved by the Republican Party.

OBAMA ACCUSES Senate Republicans who voted against the gun law of using "politics." Then he states, "Those who disagree remember at election time." Hypocrite!

PERHAPS JESSE MATHEWS should write a thank-you note to Senators Corker and Alexander for their vote against extended background checks! RIP, Tim Chapin.

WHY WOULD YOU put the instructions for making a pressure-cooker bomb in the paper?

USING REP. FLOYD'S logic, I guess Jesus had to answer to God for drinking wine and turning water into wine.

BEST WISHES to you and your new administration, Mr. Berke. We're pulling for you. And, way to clean house!