August 11th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

THE TEA PARTY has constitutional rights to assemble peacefully. That is what they did. Deal with it.

REGARDLESS OF ONE'S political leanings, it is tacky to put a sticker over the face of the president of the United States.

ANTHONY WEINER: "I'm not quitting!" Yep, not quitting the mayor's race; not quitting sexting; not quitting humiliating his wife; not quitting being an embarrassment.

THE DIXIE CHICKS were practically run out of the country because one questioned Bush and his wars. Where is the "support your president" attitude now?

DREW JOHNSON certainly has every right to print and publish his views. Shame on you for taking away his right and job.

TALK ABOUT DUMBING down. When you terminated Drew your collective IQ went down.

ABOUT TIME Drew Johnson got the boot! He was obnoxious. Please replace with a reasonable Republican viewpoint.

THE 38 PERCENT increase in the mayor's administrative staffs' salaries is all you need to know about Andy Berke's priorities!

EVOLUTION DOESN'T propose a hypothesis for how life began. It only explains how life has changed over time. You can be religious and accept evolution!

THANK YOU, Hamilton County, for the prompt repair of our historical W Road. Now let's ban bicycles on the W and save lives!

EITHER ENFORCE the Highway 153 "autobahn" 55 mph legal speed limit, or raise it to the 80+ mph the Dale Earnhardt wannabe's constantly drive it.