December 1st, 2013 in Opinion Rants

Please explain the idiocy of giving the disgraced, impeached, and disbarred ex-president Bill Clinton the Medal of Freedom.

Hope you people who voted for Obama love the change: cancelled insurance policies, huge national debt. Make it much worse; vote for Hillary 2016!

The UAW knows that they would lose on a secret ballot at the Volkswagen plant. Otherwise why are they fighting against one so hard?

Now that a travel holiday nears, gasoline prices suddenly rise over 10 cents a gallon. Is this just greed?

Note to police: Focus on gang shootings, robberies and other crimes rather than prostitution stings. What a waste of time!

Since Andy Pettitte gives credit to God for his success, did God direct him to cheat with Clemens by using performance enhancing drugs?

What's the Republican health care plan? Take echinacea and be careful?

Thank goodness the City Council can't vote to change God's immutable laws.

Looks like the blue lights might not be sufficient for all of the Highway 153 speeders. What about installing speed humps to stop them?

Food stamps were slashed to save a little money and a uranium processing facility is going to cost $6 billion-$11 billion.

If you can afford tobacco, beer, drugs or tattoos, then you should not need food stamps. Those things are not cheap!