December 8th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

I do not qualify for "ObamaScare." The Republican state government is canceling my coverage on December 31. Now what do I do?

Prediction: Retail sales in November, best ever. In December, not so great. Come on. How much shopping can people do? So tired of all this.

TennCare recipients complain about free insurance. Try having your insurance premiums triple and your deductible quadruple all while still having to work.

Nobody who works full time should live in poverty. Raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour.

Employees at one of the two worst McDonald's in town want $15 an hour? Get my order right more than 15 percent of the time.

It is amazing how much energy some people will expend to deny basic rights to others that they readily afford themselves.

David Cook, you nailed it. The fine citizens of our country stand behind our flag, veterans and patriotism. Our elected leaders care only for themselves.

Perhaps as developers pour more millions into Warehouse Row they might consider bringing in retailers who are actually affordable.

Surely a 72-year-old man couldn't have been enough of a threat to cause this man to shoot (at) Lt. Col. Westbrook four times.

I love Christ, but I hate Chri$tma$.

How long can it possibly take the CTFP to install a new press? Skyscrapers can be built in less time than they have already taken.