December 29th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

Are the people who believe in God the only ones with no rights?

Shonda Mason serves Shonda Mason only. How self-serving can a person be? The laws don't apply to her until she wants them to.

Richard Manning too sick to be in jail? No. Terminal illness (if true) is not a get-out-of-jail-free card.

Senior Tea Partiers: Ask the federal government to triple your Medicare Social Security withholding to pay for your subsidized entitlement or continue as hypocrites.

According to the Democratic leadership, their strategy to win political offices in the South is to hope more white people die.

Who says that health care is a right? When will people begin again to be responsible for themselves and their finances?

Referendums should require signatures from a broad area so solicitors don't cherry-pick the signers. All men are created equal. What don't they get?

Which is worse: Driving in heavy rain with no lights or always turning with no blinkers? Did any local drivers take a driving test?

Now that the registration for Obamacare is fixed, what will happen when a claim is filed or payments sent to doctors? Another $600-million fix?

The language of left community organizers: Don't agree with the president, you are a racist. Don't agree with gay marriage, you are a bigot.

I hope Santa brings Mark Wiedmer a dictionary so he can learn the meaning of integrity. Don't blame Heisman's vague voting guidelines for your vote.