The Rant

The Rant

February 3rd, 2013 in Opinion Rants

THE CONSTITUTION is outdated. Why are we letting people who lived 200 years ago rule us today?

YOU UNDERSTAND that lobbyists are former congressional chiefs-of-staff, formerly on the public dole, who are now ferrying payola to their former bosses. Right?

I WAS SADDENED but not surprised to hear local Republicans could not connect with Lamar Alexander's great "find the good and praise it" speech.

IF THE RIGHT WING is so bent on everyone having a killing machine, why do the call themselves "pro-life"? Oxymorons? Or maybe just morons.

THERE ARE those who scream for gun control "if it can save just one life" while they march and rail in support of abortion (aka murder)!

BO WATSON is right. Texas needs to secede. Also Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi. Each receives more in federal services than they pay in federal taxes.

GUY STEALS A purse, he gets a year in jail. The Brown family steals $15 million and they're still living in the lap of luxury.

MR LONAS: clearcut the hilltop. District 3: vote for Ken Smith. Shoppers: Boycott Northgate Mall. Blocking job growth in this economy is idiotic.

SEEMS KINDA cruel to give vouchers to some kids to escape to better schools, but leave the rest behind. Why not improve the school?

WHY DO DOCTORS who work for us, expect us to honor our appointment times with them, but not vice versa? I'm sick of always waiting.

UP TO 4 PERCENT surcharges allowed by merchants on customers using credit cards simply is gouging because card costs have long been built into prices.