February 24th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

THE 2 PERCENT don't share. That's why they are rich. Their fortunes are offshore, sheltered from paying taxes, making the rest of us pay more.

THE POST OFFICE does not make its revenue based on delivery because that would be impossible. Postage and sales are their revenue. Duh!

AGAIN THE Republicans in the state House and Senate want to give education funds to their private school friends ... another plan to eliminate public education?

A MANAGER OF a Pilot store can't pay employees $8 more per day while he gouges customers? He can't be serious!

WHY IS IT politicians who claim to be independent always seem to vote Democratic?

TO WIN POLITICAL office by gerrymandering, your district is like an athlete getting a big edge over competitors by doping. It's cheating to win.

THE OIL COMPANIES must be having trouble changing over to summer blends. Prices went up, then down, and now way up. Bless their hearts.

GUNS DON'T KILL people. Oh, wait, they do!

TENNESSEE HOUSE says it'll pass the guns-in-cars bill not because it is needed but because it keeps them from doing important business. Really?

I WOULD REALLY like my sons to go on a Boy Scout camping trip with gay leaders and members. A real learning experience!

I SUPPOSE if the 100 people camped outside of the new Chick-fil-A are gay protesters they will not get a free meal.