January 6th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

IT'S REASSURING to learn that the government avoided the "fiscal cliff." Now we can blissfully continue our plunge into the bottomless pit of government spending.

DID YOU SEE where Obama is raising Congress' pay? This is the most "do nothing" Congress in our history. They have not earned it!

AMERICA'S LEGACY for our children is (Republican's view): National debt. (Democrat's view): Chemical poisoning of water, land and air unless government-regulated. Both are correct.

REPUBLICANS SAY no tax increase for anyone. So, we go over the cliff, and everyone pays more taxes. Go figure!

THE NRA is beginning to sound like Obama. Next they will blame the tragedy at Sandy Hook on George Bush,

I WANT THE NRA to provide me with my own personal armed guard. I don't feel safe with all those assault weapons out there.

PEOPLE SAY, "We can't afford security guards at every school in the U.S." Oh, yes, we can! Stop the foreign aid to Egypt! Bill paid!

DON'T TAKE VIOLENT movies, TV and video games out of the conversation about mass murders and massacres.

THEY CAN'T EVEN enforce the speed limit! How are they going to control anything else? I'm sure all the crooks will turn their guns in! Dumb!

GOOD THINKING, Sheriff Hammond. A webmaster is much more important to public safety than police, police cars and jailers, especially if he's your son.

NOT A SINGLE automaker is headquartered in Tennessee. Does this keep the state from benefiting from auto sales? Is wine any different, David Cook?