January 20th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

COUGHERS, PLEASE, cover your mouths.

OK, RON, first you tried to sneak Marti Rutherford into a lucrative job and failed, then Anita Ebersole. Who will be the third strike?

PRESIDENT OBAMA'S first four Cabinet selections are white males. If he were a Republican, he would be called a racist who hates women.

YEAH, SUPPOSED "illegal" donation to conservative causes is a major story, but the ongoing lies, deceit and constitutional assault by the liberals isn't?

YOU'D THINK WITH trillions of dollars in the budget that they could squeeze out a few measly millions for the Chickamauga lock.

SENATORS ALEXANDER and Corker said Dr. Marilyn Brown wasn't qualified to sit on the TVA board. Is this why Tennessee doesn't have more STEM graduates?

CONGRESSMEN FLEISCHMANN, Desjarlais and Graves voted to send us over the fiscal cliff. Remember them in 2014.

FOUR SHOT AT birthday party. One shot at basketball game. Hey, Tennessee Legislature, its not the guns. Ban birthday parties and basketball games.

FOUR MILLION DOLLARS for a city/county shooting range? Really? Are we nuts?

WISH DREW JOHNSON was on a permanent vacation!

DREW'S VIEWS was spot-on about the Tivoli-Memorial Auditorium mess. Our city leaders are wasteful dopes.