July 7th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

WHY DOES THE pharmaceutical industry, for-profit prison industry and the alcohol industry spend millions of dollars annually to lobby Congress to support marijuana prohibition?

I DON'T GET why Republicans spend their time cutting unemployment benefits, instead of creating jobs.

TEXAS GOV. RICK PERRY, who is anti-choice, says every life is sacred, but his state just executed its 500th prisoner.

CRUCIFYING PAULA DEEN for a racial slur 30 years ago, but not presidents, congressmen, governors, mayors, military personal etc. Something is wrong with this picture!

NEW EDUCATION reform "treats them (teachers) more like private-sector professionals." How many private-sector professionals have their salaries determined by the decisions of children?

I SURE AM glad the gangs declared a truce. I would hate to see how many shootings there would be otherwise.

SURE, WALKER COUNTY can afford to let firefighters drive a $640,000 fire truck to breakfast at Sonic -- no budget, so anything goes. Wake up, residents.

IF SEAN EMMER and Adam Tatum get their jobs back, it will be a disgrace to the police department.

HOPING THE mayor's public safety initiative will also include better traffic control. With many scofflaw, dangerous drivers on the streets, lack of enforcement is absurd.

EAST RIDGE: Nine traffic lights and I stopped eight times. Is this your way of getting tourists to spend time in East Ridge?

THE TEA PARTY is to the GOP like the Taliban is to al-Qaida. The IRS should be looking at them very hard.