July 14th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

ONE HUNDRED MILLION dollars for Obama to go to Africa but no money for fireworks at military bases! What's wrong with this picture?

USA TODAY, Worldwide Newspaper, June 27: Two men kissing on front page. Great example for our children. How much lower can we sink?

IF OUR PHONE, food, shelter, transportation and medical needs are subsidized by people who work (they're called taxpayers), you are not independent.

COMMON CORE is a national concept that promotes analytical thinking versus rote learning. Something in the way we educate our children had to change.

EVERY TEACHER who voted Republican at the state level got exactly what he or she voted for. You are responsible for your low morale.

HASLAM SAYS Huffman made Tennessee one of fastest improving in education. He doesn't teach! Took seniority increases, advanced education incentives, meaningful pay increases from teachers.

NOW THAT WE have the beautiful sandhill cranes migrating to Tennessee, let's do what we do best: Kill 'em!

THROUGHOUT THIS whole entire region, you couldn't find a single pond in which to relocate the Chattanooga State geese ... so you killed them?

DEALING WITH GANG violence and nightly shootings is less important than deciding to ban chickens, according to the City Council.

BATTLEFIELD PARKWAY -- a straight road through a crooked town!

THE FRONT-PAGE picture with your story on "Bus Stop Dreams" was an unfortunate and bad choice. The homeless veteran would have been appropriate.