July 28th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

AFTER TEACHING for 37 years, I'm given three days of Common Core training and am expected to master a radically new and different teaching style!

FISHING WHILE BROWN? Great reporting. Made me cry to think we actually treat each other this way. God help us.

WHAT DO YOU get when you borrow money to pay expenses and continue a 25- and 30-year pension? Detroit of the South.

WILL SOMEONE please tell ignorant Bennett that Florida's Stand Your Ground Law was never mentioned in the Zimmerman case by either prosecutor or defense?

BOTH TRAYVON MARTIN and George Zimmerman have been given justice.

HOW FAST OR SLOW does an African-American youth need to walk so he/she is not considered dangerous?

(AG) ERIC HOLDER, Fort Hood, Texas: A premediated murder, home-grown terrorist against 13 infidels. No investigation of hate crime there. Hummm ...

UNIONS HELPED Obama and Pelosi write and pass Obamacare. Now they're not happy because they will lose benefits. Poor things, welcome to the real world!

THOSE BERATING the unions for the VW plant don't seem to have had to actually work many days in their lives.

THE UAW wants to organize Volkswagen in Chattanooga, while Detroit files for bankruptcy. Very bad idea to let the UAW in at VW.

HAMILTON COUNTY government, if you do not have the money to operate, you should not be allowed to borrow it!