June 2nd, 2013 in Opinion Rants

ATTENTION TENNESSEE legislators: While on vacation in another state, I bought two bottles of wine in a grocery store. The world did not end.

THE BIBLE DOESN'T condemn anyone for race or skin color. It does condemn homosexuality and define marriage. Why let God's instructions influence our thinking, Drew?

A HIGH PERCENTAGE of children and young adults have no respect for authority. If parents can't teach them respect, a Taser will and should.

THERE'S SO MUCH lunacy in government, I'm thinking background checks on politicians might be a good idea.

CAN ANYONE under President Obama tell the truth? Fast and furious, Benghazi, wiretaps, IRS scandal - trust the government? No. Another Nixon?

SENATOR ALEXANDER voted "No" on background checks. I will vote "No" on his re-election.

THE IRS CODE requires 51 percent of funds raised to be spent for groups' stated purpose but not political activities. Obey the law, Tea Party.

I DON'T CARE how hard the media tries, it cannot divert my attention from Obama's scandals with Jody Arias trial news.

BLUECROSS EARNS $221 million in record profits! Thanks for increasing my premiums.

INSTEAD OF HIPSTER claptrap about making Chattanooga weird, how about making the poor areas of Chattanooga safe from gangs?

MARION COUNTY commissioner has approved funding for bathhouses at Marion County Park while we in north Marion county have never had access to running water.