June 9th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

APPLE DODGED paying taxes on $44 billion. Our tax code didn't get carved out by poor people.

THE POWER OF government and the power of big money are in a battle for control of our country. Who do you hope wins?

GREAT NEWS from the IRS scandal: Republicans defending federal funding of social welfare organizations. The tea party demanding unquestioned recognition as a social welfare organization.

WHERE CAN I go to get that job teaching line dancing to the IRS? It's more appropriate to call it "The Hustle"!

AS STATED IN the Constitution: Authority not specifically given to the federal government falls directly to the states and the people! Let's demand it.

DOCTORS: MEDICARE/MEDICAID recipients are not the ones who voted for the cuts. They need you.

I WISH THE local news had local news. We get the world news at 6:30.

IF THE PHOTO or headline is important, please do not cover it with a stick-on advertisement. Keep the ads in their proper place.

MAYOR BERKE, please drive St. Elmo Avenue to the Georgia border, then initiate repairs or explain why the road is so terribly neglected.

MANCHESTER, THE "Hate Capital of Tennessee." Welcome to the "Friendly" South.

I SEE ALLEN WEST is joining "Faux" News. Are he and Mark West brothers? Seems like a fit in the anarchist community.